But that grass looks just as green as this bit…

Hi world!

My name is Chris, and I’m a 24 year old digital artist living in South Wales. I say this now just incase it becomes relavant in the near or distant future. Oh, and I’m gay – so spend as much time making stuff pretty as eyeing up men who don’t need any help with that.

As this is one of my very favourite pastimes, it will no surprise to you when I confess I’ve spent the last month and a bit eyeing up one very handsome guy in particular. Who then turned out to be charming, funny, sweet and everything you could ask for.

I’ve spent a healthy part of the last two years flitting from decent date, to one-night-stand, to casual repeater and back again. This new one was the first with potential to get under my previously impenetrable skin.

The sad thing is, it took just one unexpected “yes” to an offer of some shared drinking time, and I could already feel him somewhere no-one had gained access to in a LONG time.

My head.

Regressing straight back to an immature child, I have been plagued by an adolescent crush ever since. Which actually felt nice. Like a reminder of being human and how nice it feels to share that spark.

Now though, a mere 2 dates [and a few half dates] later, a fat spanner has been thrown in the works.

As with buses, trains, or any given cliché, I’d been waiting so long the proverbial ‘two’ have come along at once. The problem is by some sick fluke, this new contender is not only just as lovely in every way, but has similarly found his way into my head after an almost uncomfortably short amount of time.

It is supremely rare anyone has this effect on me. And the fact two are currently duelling in a ‘loveliness’ competition in my head, is fate being a right ****.

I guess my question is; what the hell do you do when there’s nothing to call between two utterly perfect combatants?

Eeny-meeny between two of the nicest guys you’ve ever met? Thereby showing them no respect at all?

See if you can ride out getting to know both until there’s a clear winner, knowing then that you’ll be contrasting them while conversing rather than judging purely on their own merit?

It’s about now I wish I were colourblind, so that I had an excuse at least not to be able to differentiate between the perfect greens on both sides.


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