No, turns out the grass is definitely greener on the East side.

Following on from my last post, turns out it took all of 7 days to work out where I want to place my bets.

Of the two nigh-on perfect men fighting in my head, one has come out very much on top.

By limiting communication with both, and not seeing either in person, the clarity has come from who organically occupied the most time in my head.

And it turned out not be a hard fought battle at all really. There was a clear winner for a while – I was denying it, I suppose, out of loyalty to the initial combatant.

The last week has seen me regress into an adolescent stupor. Leaving all the sensibility and maturity my 24 years have earned well and truly forgotten.

Distracted from everything – be it work, play, or something in between – and praying to the loading circle of Twitter that a new message would come through from the only one whose 140 characters matter.

That, my friends, is a good old-fashioned crush.

That irritatingly wonderful state of mind that forces you both out of rationality, but also out of your comfort zone and into an area of amplified thoughts, deductions and emotions that don’t seem to belong in an adult mind. And yet you can’t stop it.

And you know what?

I wouldn’t have it any other way ; )

Onwards and upwards now, I guess! Now we know where the greener grass is laid.

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